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Super Liner Perfect Slim Waterproof Precious Eyeliner

Super Liner Perfect Slim Waterproof Precious Eyeliner

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Ultra-Fine Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner. Intense, Quick-dry Formula.

Flawlessly Precise Lines. Smudge-proof, Up to 12HR.

Create sleek, sophisticated and super slim eye designs with the 0.4mm ultra-fine felt tip of Infallible The Super Slim-Æ. The longwear ultra-fine tip liquid eyeliner gives you total control for precise lines that last up to 12HR. Glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow. Skip-proof, drag-proof and smudge-proof.

Warning: Eye cosmetics in a scratched, infected or irritated eye and scratches from cosmetic eye applicators can lead to eye

damage, and in extreme cases, even blindness. If your eye is scratched, stop using all eye cosmetics and go to an ophthalmologist immediately. Never apply this product in a

moving vehicle.

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