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SHEGLAM Calm Capricorn Palette

SHEGLAM Calm Capricorn Palette

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SHEGLAM Calm Capricorn Palette 8-Clolor Shimmer

Pearlescent Matte Eyeshadow Palette Grey Brown Blue Green

Glitter High Pigment Long Wear Blendable Pro Eyeshadow.


Earth to Capricorn: since you're an earth sign, staying grounded keeps you cool, calm and connected. Although you are firmly rooted, you've got dreams for days. And thanks to your natural gift of hard work, ambition and logic, you make magic happen. The colors that'll bring out your best self are earthy greens, browns, blues and greys.

Plus, an unexpected glitter that'll get you out of your comfort zone (don't worry, it's nice over there)!


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